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Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

At Noote® (Nixfuste, Lda.) we are responsible and committed to the safety of our website and the protection of our clients’ data, as well as, of our visitors.
It is important to refer that NOOTE is a registered brand in Portugal at INPI and exclusively belongs to Nixfuste, Lda.
Our private policy is presented below. Any change will be put here without any type of previous warning to users/buyers.
Noote® recognizes and accepts the importance of personal data protection, apart from its nature. We have developed a set of safety measures to protect your data which respects the protection right of personal data and defines how its collection should occur. We have applied the strict principal of processing collected data. This website was designed to use your personal data at minimum and not exceed the original purpose which it was collected for.
Noote®  controls and determines the goals and means of personal data treatment, including all safety measures, guarantees that all personal data is treated in accordance to the Portuguese law and recommendations of the National Commission of Personal Data (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados -CNPD), and follows good business practices.
Noote® has the right to nominate external parties to help process the collected data. The external parties are experienced, trustworthy and in accordance to laws and regulations, working under Noote® instructions.
After completing on-line register, the user/buyer grants Noote® the use of personal data and addresses, as well as, all information regarding purchase and payment means. This data is stored and electronically processed and can be used for communication and order processing.
The collected data is needed to process orders that are made through this website. Refusing to give data prevents us to process your purchase orders or services.
Personal data can be revealed to other parties which render specific services, such as hired external entities or independent personal data treatment. 
No disclosure will exceed the purpose for which the personal data was collected and processed.
Personal data can be revealed to third parties to comply with applicable laws, answer to court inquiries in accordance to legal and valid proceedings and protect Noote® property rights. 
We have safety measures for personal data protection against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, change, non authorized access or disclosure, and against other illegal ways of data treatment, in accordance to this Private Policy.
However, Noote® cannot guarantee that the adopted safety measures will prevent or exclude any access risk or loss of non authorized data.

Which information is collected?
We collect your name, telephone number, address and email. Furthermore, when purchasing at our site, we also collect information about the delivery address and payment details.

What is collected data used for?
Your data allows our collaborators to process orders, notify important site changes, make inquiries and for statistics. Once in a while, we can send information about products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers (by email or post).

Noote® compromises to protect your data and it will never be available to Noote® non partners for marketing reasons.
When processing your order, it is possible that your data, such as, address and postal code, be disclosed to prevent and detect frauds.
The user/buyer has the right to totally or partially oppose to data treatment. The user/buyer has the right to oppose to personal data treatment for advertising or direct marketing, product sales, market research or commercial communications.
This website’s user/buyer can use their rights freely provided that they are in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. An email should be sent to: support@noote.com
When comments, photos or other content are submitted to this website, the user/buyer grants Noote®  authorization to distribute them in the future (life, non exclusive, absent of royalties, free from patent, not submitted to advertising, privacy or any other intellectual property right). Noote® may use the content in television channels and digital means of communication for any purpose, including advertising, merchandising or commercial ends, without benefits for the user/buyer or any other person/entity. Noote® may change this Private Policy, notwithstanding the demand of applicable laws and regulations.
We only accept credit and debit cards, as well as, Paypal. We do not accept any other means of payment. Please do not try to pay in any other way. If you do so, we will not be responsible for loss of payment or any other damage resulting from this action.
All purchases from the website will be delivered according to clients’ suggestion and after confirming clients’ availability.
All products have VAT (ruling legal tax). All sales are accompanied by a legal sale document.
All our deliveries have our name. Images may not exactly correspond to the product. Prices and products can be changed without previous warning.
When you purchase at our online shop and the product is in stock, it will be delivered according to client’s orders.
Product dispatch is between 1 to three week days after receiving order, however it may take 5 to 8 week days, whether the product is in stock or not. If so, the client will be warned.
If the product is not picked up, the address wrong, unknown receiver or refusal to accept purchase, the product will be returned to Noote®.
When we receive it, we inform the client and we may proceed to a new delivery but only after payment. It is very important to put correct information regarding delivery address.
If the ordered product has any defect Noote® is available to change it. To do so, contact client services:  HYPERLINK "mailto:support@noote.com"support@noote.com 
In case the ordered article is not what you really intended, Noote® changes the product. To do so, you have to send an email to: HYPERLINK "mailto:support@noote.com"support@noote.com and proceed according to instructions.
The return deadline is 15 days after purchase. You may return the product only if it shows factory defect. Other reasons for return will not allow refund or exchange. Shipping fees for returning products are the client’s responsibility. 
There are no exchanges or returns of any product based the user/buyer’s disfavour. In all product pages there are previewing tools. This try-out shows the approximate result of how the personalized product will be, using the image which was made by the client. This try-out cannot be considered the exact final result as colours tend to vary due to pixels.

Private Policy Changes
In case Noote® changes its private policies, these will always be available.

Use terms and conditions and general sales conditions

The online site www.noote.com is a site for electronic commerce developed and explored by Nixfuste, Lda, at Rua Pedro Álvares Cabral, no. 16, 3100-354 Pombal, PORTUGAL, henceforth designated as Noote®. All people who intend to purchase from this site declare to be overage and have the judicial capacity to do so. For any online purchase from the site, the user/buyer is considered to have read and accepted the Use terms and conditions and general sales conditions. Noote® has the right to modify the present general sales conditions at any moment.

The present use terms and conditions and general sales conditions determine the rights and obligations of all involved parties in the online purchasing process of available products on the site:  Noote® and the person that buys (henceforth designated as user and/or buyer).
Noote® puts products for sale on the site HYPERLINK "http://www.noote.com"www.noote.com. E-commerce services are only available for final users/buyers. These are any people that purchase or act with no commercial activity, enterprise or professional ends. 
Noote® has the right not to process orders from users/buyers which are not so and any other order which does not comply with our business policy.
The user/buyer must compromise to supply correct and precise email information or other contact information to Noote®. This information can be used if necessary.

Register and contact with User/Buyer
To be able to purchase, the user/buyer must register and supply personal data. All contacts will be made by email. Orders will be sent to the address from the register unless there is another indication. Therefore, personal data should always be updated. User/buyer is responsible for the veracity and validity of the information given and Noote®   is not responsible for wrong data use.

Products and Prices

The products which are available to be sold are the ones the user/buyer can see on the website. All are available, except the ones that are not in stock. In this case and if the user/buyer has already ordered, they will be informed of any possible product unavailability until delivery date. The product may be on the website but may not be available for sale so Noote® has no obligation to provide it. Noote® will not be responsible for any damage from using the delivered products. Reference prices and specifications can be altered without warning.

Product quality
With effort, we try to show product colours and images with precision on the website. However, we cannot guarantee a correct display on all computer screens and browsers.
We reserve the right to limit sales or services to any person, geographical region and jurisdiction, situation to situation. We also have the right to limit quantities of all products and services. All product descriptions and prices may change at any moment without warning. Noote® has the right to discontinue any product without previous warning.
We do not guarantee that the quality of any product, services, information or other material purchased by the user/buyer will fulfil expectations or that any service mistakes will be corrected.

Prices indicated on the site are in € - Euros, aside from any other indication and they apply to a predefined territory which can correspond to the country or region indicated by the user/buyer at the moment of register. The price has VAT included (ruling legal tax on the day of purchase). Noote® has the right to change product prices without warning and does not admit to any differences that the user/buyer may complain about due to that change. The sale price of the product is the indicated price at the moment of purchase register, unless we detect any mistake regarding value insertion on the website. If so, Noote® is responsible for warning the user/buyer of the differences and the user/buyer has the right to continue, cancel or change the order.
The indicated price does not include transport cost. This cost will be indicated during order process and it is the user/buyer’s responsibility, including taxes, expenses or other amounts. In no case will these amounts be considered in the amounts payable to Noote®.
Though we review website content frequently, wrong prices may appear without our knowledge. In these circumstances, we have the right to cancel the purchase.

The user/buyer needs an email address to purchase, as well as, set browser to accept cookies and pop-ups. 
Purchasing something on our website is easy.

1. Find the product or personalize one.
2. Add product to shop cart.
3. Go to check-out.
4. Select delivery and invoice options.
5. Submit your order.
6. Receive confirmation of order.
7. Pay
8. Receive payment confirmation in your email.

The user/buyer is bound to the purchase after pressing the checkout button at the end of the purchase. The request is sent. As soon as we receive your order, an automatic confirmation appears on the site. It has your order number and purchase details. Purchase register is complete. An order confirmation copy will be sent to the user/buyer’s email.
We have the right not to accept orders or cancel purchase register after automatic confirmation of order. When purchasing, the user/buyer agrees and accepts General terms and conditions of sales, as well as, other conditions at www.noote.com.

Purchase Cancel
Noote® has the right to refuse any order for any reason, cancel any purchase in the following situations (not responsible for damage or cost):

* Product is not in stock (any payment will be refunded); 
* Invoice information is incorrect or not verified;
* The order is signalled by our security systems as uncommon or fraud;
* There are forebodings or evidence that the user/buyer is underage;
* There are forebodings and evidence that the user/buyer is a retailer; 
* There was a mistake in price quotation;
* The product could not be delivered to the address given. 

Data verification
When we receive a request, we may verify before shipping. These verifications may include address validity, credibility and fraud verification. Regarding the later, we do automatic verifications of all requests to filter suspicious and uncommon transactions or possible fraud operations. Suspicions of fraud are investigated.

Site navigation, orders, order register 
The user/buyer may surf the site freely without being registered and if registered, the user/buyer does not have to purchase. Only registered users/buyers can purchase.

Order Register
To register an order, the user/buyer has to have one or more goods in the shop cart and pursue to order/proceed to checkout and End order. Before finishing the order, you can add or withdraw goods from the shop cart. Next step is to choose means of shipping and payment. At this moment, shipping fees will be added to the order.

Order Safety
Noote® online shop uses one of the most secure safety technologies. Payment information will be encrypted as soon as you enter the website and until the transactions are processed. The information will not be saved in a public server. Though we use encryption software, there is no guarantee that information and payments through the Internet and email are safe. Noote® will not be responsible for any damage as a result of using electronic communication which can be manipulated or transmit virus.

Property reservation
Noote® is a registered brand and property of Nixfuste, Lda. The products belong to the company until payment is received.

Finishing order
When selecting the option Finish order/Place your order, the order will be registered and confirmed in our system. Before doing so, you can go back and change your order, means of payment or delivery. If you finish order, your order is definite and cannot be changed. The user/buyer will immediately receive an email confirming order register and showing details: ordered goods and prices, shipping fees and payment taxes. The order will be archived only to register orders and processing. This document is proof to a contractual relationship between the user/buyer and Noote®.

Order confirmation
All orders will be confirmed by Noote®. An email will be sent to the user/buyer informing ordered goods, order number and link for payment. 

Cancellation or order change
Any order can be cancelled in the following 24 hours after Order Register, free of charge. Cancellation or order change should be sent to  HYPERLINK "mailto:support@noote.com" support@noote.com or any other email indicated by Noote®.

Fees and Shipping
Shipping fees
Shipping fees are calculated based on the user/buyer’s information (address and country). Values can be altered without previous warning after price review or calculus error. Shipping fees are for deliveries in Portugal and rest of the World.
If there is any change in the order, shipping fees will be recalculated and changed if they differ from the first ones.

Delivery service is done by external entities. They were selected to guarantee a strict and quality service. When the user/buyer registers an order, the services, the fee and delivery deadline will be automatically shown.

Delivery deadline
Delivery deadline is approximately 5 to 8 week days for stocked goods. In case the good is not available for immediate delivery, the user/buyer will be informed of a new delivery date. This deadline is supplied by the delivery service and in no way can Noote® be responsible for any delay or delivery before time.

Orders are delivered to the address indicated by the user/buyer or the nearest collection point. Any address change must be referred to when updating data. As mentioned before, Noote® is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect data in the user/buyer’s file.

Cancellation, return of goods and exchange
Cancellation and return of goods

The user/buyer may cancel their order (24 hours) if an email is sent, expressing that purpose to  HYPERLINK "mailto:support@noote.com" support@noote.com or any other email indicated by Noote®. After receiving the order, the user/buyer has 14 days to return goods and must notify Noote® (support@noote.com) referring to the reason.

Return of Goods Procedure
The user/buyer should send the returned goods to Noote®: NIXFUSTE, Lda., Rua Pedro Álvares Cabral, n.º 16, 3100-354 Pombal, PORTUGAL.

Conditions to return goods:
- Return goods in useful conditions;
- Return goods with packages, labels, including bar code or datamatrix;
- Return goods in original packages, in perfect condition, with all manuals and accessories;
- Return goods without being used;
- Goods should be returned in five days counting from the reception date, including proof of purchase;
- Return fees are the user/buyer’s responsibility, unless Noote® recognizes differently.
- Indicate to Noote® what the return procedure is.

Return – Exchange or Voucher
After partially or totally returning an order, the user/buyer may choose one of the following ways to settle the purchase contract and end the return procedure:

Return for goods exchange
If the user/buyer wants to return goods to exchange them for others, this information should be mentioned when sending an email. The user/buyer should indicate which goods are to be returned and exchanged by others. All fees and taxes, as well as, new fees and taxes of new goods are the user/buyer’s responsibility.
If the prices of the returned goods differ from the exchanged ones, a correction is made. If returned goods have a lower price regarding the exchange, then the user/buyer must pay the difference. If the price is higher, the user/buyer will receive a discount voucher/coupon to be used in future purchases, respecting its validity period.

Return for discount voucher/coupon
When returning goods, the user/buyer may prefer a discount voucher/coupon (amount of returned goods). It can be used for new purchases on the website in the following 90 days after being issued.

Types of payment

We only accept credit, debit cards and PayPal. We do not accept any other type of payment. Please, do not try to pay in any other way. If you do so, we will not be responsible for loss of payment or any other damages resulting from this action.

After payments, the same amount will be immediately deducted when the order is processed. All details (card number, validity date and others) will be sent as encrypted protocol to the electronic remote payment company, without access of third parties. These details will not be used by Noote® except in a situation of returning goods or to report fraud to the police. Product prices and shipping fees will be charged to your account. 

Payment Confirmation
After paying an order, Noote® will send a confirmation email with information regarding purchased goods, number of order and links for assembly designs.

Personal Data Collection
Personal data which is collected during the register process is necessary so that the user/buyer is acknowledged, can be contacted and receive personalized customer service. Data will also be used for order proceedings and in case we need to contact the user/buyer.
Your personal data is of great importance. Noote® knows how important it is to protect your personal data. For this reason, we have developed a set of safety measures

Personal data Use and Safety
When the user/buyer registers or buys on line, the user/buyer consents that Noote® uses their personal data and address, as well as, information regarding purchase and payment. This data is saved and computer processed and can be used for communication to offer products, services, promotion or advertising campaigns or order processing. Noote® guarantees that data will not be rented or sold to third parties, as all information is confidential and only used by Noote®, except in legal situations. All information given during register will be used for:

- Processing, completing data and delivering your order, as well as, informing you of its condition.
- Assuring that the help desk can contact the user/buyer to answer any queries or communicate new advantages or promotions.

At Noote®, information access is restricting (for order satisfaction – from payment, shipping/delivery to customer support service).
Noote® will not be responsible for any action, unless its own negligence, regarding user/buyer data protection. 
In situations related to website misuse and regardless of the legal proceeding applied, Noote® has the right to cancel the user/buyer’s register, remove orders, as well as, any other user/buyer content.

Personal data update
The user/buyer is the only responsible party for personal data update. Therefore, the user/buyer should login and correct data when necessary.

General website information and Copyright
All website content is property of Noote® and cannot, in any circumstance, be reproduced, transferred, distributed or stored without previous written authorization. Images of products/goods, colours, shapes and details may not be totally faithful to reality. 
Noote® is not responsible for the measures chosen by the client to choose the product/good. Noote® takes no responsibility regarding product misuse or the consequences of that act.
If the user/buyer sends/creates, places their creations  in the public Gallery, sends creative ideas, suggestions, proposals, plans  or other materials online, by email, post or any other form, the user/buyer declares and agrees, in advance, that Noote® can, without restrictions, edit, copy, advertise, distribute, translate and use all contents the user/buyer allows. When the user/buyer buys a Noote® model which was designed or edited by him/herself, using the editor available on the website, the user/buyer declares and agrees, in advance, that Noote® can edit, copy, advertise, sell, distribute, translate and use it at any time, without restrictions. 
Noote® has no obligation to keep any comments from the website. They can be removed at any moment and to do so, no consent is needed. Noote® will not pay any amount for any buyer/user comments or to answer to any of them. 
Noote® can, without previous warning, remove content which is considered illicit, offensive, threatening, scurrilous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, and reprehensible or violates intellectual property of third parties or of these terms.
The user/buyer agrees that comments cannot violate the right of a third party, including copyright, brands, privacy, personality or other personal and property rights. The user/buyer also agrees that comments will not be defamatory or illegal, abusive or obscene, or have any computer virus or malwares which may affect the service or any other related website.
The user/buyer also states that the user/buyer cannot use a false email, pretend to be someone else, or mislead Noote® or third parties regarding the origin of any comments. The user/buyer is the only responsible party for any comments. 
Noote® takes no responsibility for any posted remark by a user/buyer or third party.

Brands and Copyright
Brand names, product names and titles used on this website are commercial brands or commercial names of NOOTE or third holders. There is no permission to use or reproduce the commercial brands or commercial names as it is a violation of property rights. The website design, texts, documents, films, music and/or other content, their selection and organization, software compilations, font code, software (including applets) and all other materials belong to NOOTE or suppliers. There is no permission to electronically copy nor print part or the whole website. There is no permission to use information and materials from this website, including reproduction for other purposes. In case you wish to use materials or information from our website, you need our written consent.

Final Notes
Any clarification, suggestion or complaint should be addressed to Noote®, through this email support@noote.com

Information to User/Buyer
The present website is ruled by Portuguese legislation, mainly but not only by, Law 144/2015, 8th September and Law 24/2014, 14th February,  and any other applicable Portuguese legislation.

In case of buying litigation, the user/buyer can contact entities regarding this situation at  HYPERLINK "http://www.consumidor.pt" http://www.consumidor.pt (RAL entities).