"> 9 custom gifts for him and for her on this Valentine's Day

9 custom gifts for him and for her on this Valentine's Day

09 Feb 2017

Valentine's Day is almost here and thinking of you we have prepared a list with 9 gift ideas, so that you can surprise your guy or your babe with something truly unique, which reveals the personality and tastes of that so special person. We thought of 9 Noote notebooks that will spark love at first sight and enthusiasm, both for him and for her. Together you can have fun building the Noote but it's not worth fighting for being the one in charge, there's plenty of bricks for both ;)

And even for those who are super single and their only love, besides family and the dog, are those friends with whom you have stories to laugh and remember for nights on end, Noote can be that surprise gift. For all that they have made for you, or as a personal joke they've been asking for, your friend deserves it.

Certainly, we all have already spent an amusing Valentine's Day in the company of friends, with fancy or pyjama dinners and cheers and conversations until high hours. And this year, we bring you a suggestion to offer your friend on this special day and, who knows, create a new tradition of gift exchange. Whether your spend it with friends or with your other half, here it goes the Noote proposals for this Valentine's Day:


9. Valentine's Collection

Our first suggestion lies in the fateful Valentine's Collection special designed thinking of the most romantic. After all, hearts will always be the universal icon for love. There are 5 models with 416 bricks each to place on the front cover, which can be changed through the editor, as well as the colors, shape, or even add bricks to the back cover.

8. Art & Design: Mondrien + Keith Haring

For art lovers we leave two notebooks with brick interpretations of paintings of modern artists that have fascinated fans all over the world and the years: Mondrian and Keith Haring. Their image languages are easily recognizable by their defined shapes and solid colors. If that special person shares the love he has to give between you and art, then these are definitely the Nootebooks to choose. 



7. All Black All White

For those who are more discreet but who appreciate the lego kind texture, we have created two very minimal Noote notebooks so that they can enjoy the elegance of black and the low profile white.




6. La banana es el único fruto del amor

Bananas, why not? They are beautiful, yellow, target of jokes, Andy Warhol painting, and Velvet Underground album cover. Whether you want to send that hint about some private joke or it is just because bananas are hipsters and cool, go for us: this is for you.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has long kept the attention of everyone and the affection we have for our favorite GoT house is true love. So our suggestion as a Valentine's Day gift couldn't be other than the brick notebook with the Stark coat of arms. 

4. Harry Potter

For the fans of Harry Potter we designed a notebook that illustrates the character with its so particular and unmistakable characteristics. Totally timeless and for all ages. With a little of Wingardium Leviosa may become the first flying Noote in the world.


3. Star Wars

This is a classic. Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and so many other characters who are icons of pop culture, venerated by fans of the sequel as well as by those who appreciate the cinematographic references and pop objects of merchandising. It never ceases to be epic. May the bricks be with you, lovers!

2. Statement: Hello / F#ck

Statements messages that speak for you, whether to silently greet those who look to your Nootebook or inwardly release that expression that comes to us every time we hit with the little finger on the furniture.  And as it a notebook, it has 168 pages to continue expressing yuourselves ;)!

1. Personalizado DIY

The notebook we considered the number 1, in fact, does not have a brick design for the cover yet. why? Because instead, we felt that a DIY and personalized gift has much more value and charm! So the number 1 of this top is actually the Noote editor. There you can design from the beginning the image to place on the cover of the notebook using the brush and bucket tools and changing the colors.

You can choose if you prefer bricks on one side of the cover or on the front and back, and you only have to design on both sides, at Noote editor. Then when you click OK, choose the paper recharge to include and that's it! Give your imagination a boost and create a brick notebook to your companion's mood! Some of the notebooks designed by you in the Noote editor are truly delicious and worth sharing! Here are some pictures.




P.S.: If you're thinking about marrying someone what about writting "Marry me?" or drawing a ring? The surprise will certainly be second to none.


P.S.S: On the other hand, if you find yourself as a princess (or a prince) we leave here a frog to match ;)