"> Top 10 - Greatest Pixel Artists of All Time

Top 10 - Greatest Pixel Artists of All Time

29 May 2017

Pixel art is a type of digital art where artists specify the location of individual pixels, which are built up to create intricate scenes, game backgrounds, characters, and 3D effects – all with a limited colour pallet. Think about those 8-bit graphics first seen with the release of gaming consoles in the early '80s and you'll know what we mean.

Developing this artwork doesn't require expensive photo editing software and a load of other fancy equipment, just some time and creativity. Here are 10 top examples of pixel art from some seriously talented, not to mention patient, artists...

01. Ivan Dixon
 Can you spot your favourite Bowie look in this pixel art tribute?
Following the sad news of David Bowie's passing on January 10th, illustrator and gif-extraordinaire Ivan Dixon paid tribute in the only way he knew how. Featuring a range of Bowie's iconic styles, the homage is a wonderful pixel art look at why he was so influential.

02. Pixel Pour
Goeller's piece shows how the digital world can work in a different context.

Visual artist Kelly Goeller based in Portland took the concept of the pixel and worked around it a real life concept. This original installation is a great alternative to how the digital world can work in a different context. Her water flowing pixels was installed around the city offering citizens a playful visual and imaginary context brining both worlds together.

03. Metin Seven
Seven's work combines pixel art with 3D elements.
The work of Metin Seven combines design and pixel art with 3D elements creating the final artwork into a much more dynamic and detailed result. Along with the Steve Jobs re-interpretation, he has produced a series of characters based on square element combined.
04. Christian Zuzunaga
Christian Zuzunaga creates an original alternative to the use of pixels.
Although print and digital designs are the most common when looking at pixel art and pixel artisits or designers. Here is an original alternative to the use of pixels when combined with fashion, textile design and furniture. The beautiful use of colour and pattern with squares inspires great creative possibilities and exploring what is outside comfort zone.
05. Talk to me
The MoMA bridge the gap between design and communication using pixel art.

The MoMA took a spin on the pixel world with the use of simple square combinations to create a vivid and interesting pattern mural based on objects from their exhibition. Building the bridge between design and communication. The use of simple black and white strips it down further creating an interesting and dynamic overall feel for the exhibition.

06. Ben Fino-Radin 
Ben Fino-Radin shows how pixels can inspire and drive various areas of design.

This is a great example of the way in which pixels can inspire and drive various areas of design to create original and innovative pieces of work. This life size hand embroidered piece of design is part of a collection that exploits the ideas of size shape and combination to create these hand life size mouse icons.
07. Notebook by Valentina and Frederico
They put together the passion about Lego, Pixel Art and 8 Bit images plus stationary world and custom made products. 

The portuguese founders and creative thinkers Valentina Cunha and Frederico Ferreira spent 4 years developing the product, the result is the first notebook with a cover entirely made of bricks. It is made up of three parts: the plastic cover, the paper recharge and the coloured Noote bricks. You can give a try and design your pixel art in a notebook at Noote's Editor
08. Flip Flop Flyin'
Famous people. 
 But really, really small.
Craig Robinson is an artist from the United Kingdom who now lives in Mexico. Amongst his pixel art is a book called Minipops: Famous People Drawn Really Small, which does exactly what it says on the tim – in pixels.
09. Karina Dehtyar
Pixel art escapes into the real world in Karina Dehtyar's pixels in photo series,

Karina is a Moscow-based illustrator and designer who specialises in film and video game inspired pixel art. Our favourite part of her portfolio, though, is the bit where her pixel creations venture into the real world, in her pixels in photo series

10. Txaber
Peel slowly and see.

Spanish designer Txaber has used Pantone modules to produce an array of pixel art images. "The process is to convert the images into colour mosaics, then each colour is replaced one by one by the corresponding Pantone module," he explains. "It is a laborious process, but I think the result is interesting." The pixel artwork include imitations of Mario, Andy Warhol and iconic logos such as The Rolling Stones and Apple.

Source: creativebloq.com