"> 6 Lego creatures to avoid while space travelling

6 Lego creatures to avoid while space travelling

02 Mar 2017

There are definetly some lego creatures that seem to have come from the darkest corners of the Universe while space travelling in pursuit of a world full of bricks. Imagination is triggered by movie characters and by the most terrifying versions of an animal mixed with an alien, without forgetting the unbelievable space crafts that make anyone dream about how would it be to travel in it and what super powers would it give us. Personally, I would like to have a spacial weapon that would shoot building bricks to build whatever I needed to face my spacial enemies. Imagine how cool it would be to shoot the weapon and suddenly have an invisible hood made of bricks. I guess the whole point of this spacial weapon with super powers are the magical bricks which remind me of Doraemon's magic pocket by the way.

Along this journey on the internet of lego heritage we gathered some striking building bricks creatures that would freak you out if you would go on a space trip. Well, maybe not that sure, as most of these space villains are already well-known to the public, you'd probably want to give them an hi5 instead!


1. Kraken attacking a Star Destroyer


From the ancient Nordic mythology to the future to be known, Kraken will always creep us out, whether it is attacking space crafts or ships.

 This is the story of the model, according to its author, Iain Heath: 

"This whole build came about thanks to my crazy boss Chris Stolte. One day the Super Star Destroyer box just appeared on my desk. At first we talked about having people at work help construct it. Then we kind of forgot about it. But the product release that our company has been focused on for the past year is code-named "Kraken", so I figured it'd be fun to customize the set around that theme."


2. Stormtrooper from Star Wars


 The whole crew of the dark side of force rules the more sinister corners of the galaxy, which in my opinion I would only like to meet if we had the most epic star war ever and in the very end become one of them. This collection of notebooks from is just from another world! No, it's not, in fact it is from Noote.

3. A 2001: A Space Odyssey diorama that doubles as an iPhone charging station.

Monkeys on a spacial environment are never a good omen.


4. Space Invaders

 Space invaders made the delights of millions of people back in the 80's that wouldn't miss a fight for the world. Literally. So Space Invaders are those creatures that on one hand we would like to give them an hi5 while space traveling for all the good games but on the other hand we coulnd't miss the chance to kick them off. These notebooks are also from Noote.



5. UFO attacking White House

 Definetly something to avoid.


6. You while building bricks

And finally, when we look like a crazy lunatic building with bricks.



Well, perhaps we don't need a super weapon to deal with spacial oddities as this badass Lego ladies from NASA (female pioneers who played important roles in the U.S. space program) would be just perfect to knock them out. You go girls!

In issues related to United Federation of Planets, just call Spock to stand by your side ;)