"> P3 interviews Noote

P3 interviews Noote

02 Jan 2017


 "Colorful and customized for each one, the most important thing in this project is to print your own brand on each notebook." This is how P3 begins describing Noote project.

The article brings to the public a little more of the story of these notebooks with a brick cover and how the idea came to their creators, Valentina Cunha and Frederico Ferreira, both designers.

"Noote is a result of a challenge that Frederico Ferreira has introduced to Valentina Cunha. Fan of Lego's construction since her childhood, along with the fondness for "stationary", especially for notebooks, and " personalized products". The co-author of the idea believes that custom notebooks were the "revolutionary idea" missing in the Portuguese business scenario."


"For now, there are 14 collections with 320 different designs, 17 million pixels and about 30 thousand covers and paper recharges waiting to build the custom notebooks. The authors of the project have created two collections of their own inspired by current moments, in social networks and in the 'Noote selection' collection you can find computer icons such as the floppy disk, the cursor, the chat symbol or the heart of Instagram, but the creations are not all of their own. Open to suggestions from anyone who wants to share their designs, giving rise to new collections. "

You can read the full story here.