"> Noote Art Exhibition @ Daily Day Porto

Noote Art Exhibition @ Daily Day Porto

23 Mar 2017


For the last two months, Noote embraced a quite different adventure from our regular challenges. This time, we broke up with daily routine and fell in love with Daily Day. And to celebtrate this love, we created Noote Art Exhibit at the concept store Daily Day, in Porto, with depictions of famous paintings with bricks on the cover of Noote brick notebook

The paintings chosen for the Noote Art Exhibit are landmarks in History of arts, and besides that, they were also important influences for the creation of Noote brick notebook, of which Pop Art of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichenstein are meaningful examples.There are 9 framed notebooks, which are available on Noote Art & Design Collection, each depicting a well-known painting like Mona Lisa or The Girl with the Pearl Earring, or a reference in Arts as the mexican painter Frida Kahlo or the banana of Andy Warhol that is also an icon of rock music as it figures on the cover of "The Velvet Underground & Nico", the debut album of one of the most influential bands that was acclaimed by Rolling Stone in 2003 as the "most prophetic rock album ever made".



 The beauty of this exhibition is how, with just a hint of imagination and creative thinking, we can design with bricks interpretations of remarkable master pieces, on the cover of a notebook with a grid of only 16 per 26 bricks. But the surprises of the exhibition and our effort in making this a great celebration of brick art, exploring a plane and also very rich version of Lego art, don't stop here. We honored the work of René Magritte with a set of 9 Noote brick notebooks that combined compound "The Son of the Man" and which is not for sale - well, unless you redesign each notebook on our online editor of course, where everything is possible.




The exhibition held at Daily Day was initially expected to stay on during only the month of February, but due to the exceptional welcome it received, we made a way to extend the exhibition to make sure that all of you have the opportunity to see live the brick master pieces. So this is a LAST CALL to Daily Day Porto as Noote Art Exhibit ends this month - time is running out!

Hope to see you there soon and if you wish to share your pictures with us just tag us on instagram with @noote_notebook or #noote ! We believe that the frame with more than 10k bricks on the storefront dedicated to Noote will make a good picture!