"> 7 Totally Insane Lego Creations

7 Totally Insane Lego Creations

17 Feb 2017


Notebook with bricks on the cover. 

 Lego is attached to the childhood of a few generations and to all the dreams and fantastic creatures we imagined and somehow we could bring to life, using only lego bricks of mixed colours - and not always as many as wished - and tones of creative thinking, in a raw way, so typical of a child which sees detailed objects and characters in what adults only see a crude shape.

 But apart from Lego confessed addicteds, we have to admit that we all continue fascinated with this tiny toy that allows us to create great things, and that those of us who even keep the lego bricks every now and then feel that impulsive excitement about thinking of playing with them.

Let's be fare: whenever it is a child playing with Legos we want to steal the show and teach, with a mix of pride and eagerness, how to build something with our guarantee that would be awesome, which in the eyes of a child can only be indeed, just to hear them open their mouths and say "WOW". But besides your unbelievable skills in building with Lego for children, there are in fact some insane creations that will make you, an adult with full Lego engineering knowledge, go nuts about how someone could do that. We found lots of them and now we share with you 7 of the most stunning Lego models.


1.  Obama's Lego Inauguration

This Obama's Lego Inauguration happened at Legoland California, by the time Barack Obama was about be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. Meticulously modeled (though faceless) figures have been set up, with heights and styles of dress taken into account. If it was about Trump's inauguration Legos would have to be HUGE, trust me.


2. Lego "Inception"

Must Watch: Christopher Nolan’s amazing film looks even cooler in Lego form. This short film represents over 1000 hours of meticulous work of VFX students to recreate the magic of the most interesting shots from the entire movie.


3. Polaroid

Chris McVeigh designed this tiny polaroid camera entirely with Lego bricks, andf it even ejects a photo. Some of his awesome Lego creations are available at his website.

4. Nootebook by Noote

This is awesome! Nootebook is a notebook which cover has a brick surface where you can place the Noote bricks to design whatever you want. It comes in 6 colors and each face of the cover takes up to 416 bricks. They even have an online editor to try different designs. But the best part is that the paper recharges are interchangeable so that when you finish one you can continue to use your brick cover with a new paper recharge inside.


Noote comes with a ColorADD matching card for colorblind so that the colors of bricks can be distinguished.



5. MC Escher

Recreation of M. C. Escher’s take on the Penrose stairs, built with Lego bricks.


6. Clutches made of Lego bricks

Lego aesthetic has inspired major labels visually. In recent years, Karl Lagerfeld has created his very own LEGO clutches for French fashion house Chanel and agabag follows in his footsteps.



7. Guess who?

And at last but not the least, Lego greetings from Stephen Hawking. Please don't cry. We believe that someday and somehow you will manage to do something like this. Afterall, as Stephen Hawking would say "while there is life there is hope" ;)