"> What if Fernando Pessoa had created a Noote alias?

What if Fernando Pessoa had created a Noote alias?

30 Mar 2017

On the last month, Fernando Pessoa, perhaps the greatest portuguese poet and a regular reference on World Poetry Day which is celebrated every year on 21 March, was the topic of several news due to events related to his work.

The events were multiple: from the launch of a book about the writer in Macao to the "Pessoa in New York" exhibition held in NY, which included a conversation with Patricio Ferrari followed by the performance "Shadow Project" By Beatriz Albuquerque. And more recently, we have been gifted by the free download of 17 works of Fernando Pessoa, which can be accessed here.

So it all seemed more than enough reason to create this article in honor of the poet, whose the great creation was the heteronymic imaginary through all his work.

Thus, we created what would be, we would say, the Noote heteronym of Fernando Pessoa. The idea came up from a fan of the writer, who shared with us the desire to see built in the brick notebook an interpretation of his portrait. Fernando Pessoa said "God wants, Man dreams, the work is born" we say "our fan wants, the team dreams, Noote Pessoa is born".

Born in Lisbon on June 13, 1888, Fernando Pessoa longed to seize the world by himself, to be an authentic autodidact of philosophy, religion, sociology and literature. The 9 years of his childhood in Durba, South Africa - former British colony - allowed him to develop a close relation with the English language, in which he expressed himself fully, having produced texts and studies, inspired by authors such as Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe or John Milton. The writer was one of the great figures of the Portuguese modernist movement, along with Mário de Sá-Carneiro and Almada Negreiros, fostering avant-garde tendencies.

Fernando Pessoa created more than 50 heteronyms and semi-heteronyms among which stand out Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, Álvaro de Campos and Bernardo Soares. His imagery embodies translators, short story writers, an English literary critic, an astrologer, a philosopher, a friar, a suicidal nobleman and a hunchback woman, Maria José. At Casa Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon, it is possible to find poetry, plays, philosophy, literary criticism, translations, linguistic theory, political texts, and even horoscopes, though his most celebrated work is "Mensagem".

If you are a fan of Fernando Pessoa this Noote is undoubtedly for you, as you can also write your texts inspired by the poet!