"> Father's Day: Cool gifts inspired in the book "Dad is Cool"

Father's Day: Cool gifts inspired in the book "Dad is Cool"

18 Mar 2017

Marcos Piangers, owner of a contagious energy and a charismatic beard, speaks with will and rhythm, and is not afraid to share his story. Father of two girls, Anita and Aurora, the Brazilian is the author of the book "Dad is cool", the result of two years of chronicles on the experience of fatherhood.

In an interview with the Observer, talks about how still prevails the idea that the man is a hard figure, who pays the bills and gives "smack on the bottom" of the children instead of pampering them. He even talks about how society perpetuates gender inequalities, which men only "see when they have daughters or a warrior woman" and about how this is the best generation of parents ever to exist. 
"Piangers is a bubbly and optimistic father who, in a funny tone, speaks and writes without constraints: 'I think it is very liberating and very important to realize that we are already the best generation of parents, the most hard-working and the most concerned . And that the best school is not an institution, it's your home. Your child will learn more from you, with your examples. The closer you are, the better. '"
Marcos carries with him a touching story, of who was abandoned by his father, and decided to revert this feeling to a greater participation in the education of his daughters - becoming a cool dad. Marcos speaks in the act of faith and love that is to be a father, in the fear that is always implied, and with lots of adventures and fun he highlights how lucky dads are in being dads.
With a dad as cool as Marcos Piangers we were inspired to make the coolest suggestions for fathers like this and even better ;)


For a cool and old school father we thought of a Noote brick notebook with a diskette design so that he can use it in his work and be coveted by his colleagues. With plain, dotted or ruled paper, you can choose the recharge that best fits your father's needs. 

To the ones who wear a tie

If you always drew your father in a tie, we think this is the perfect gift for your father! The years pass, the tie stays. And now instead of being just a drawing, you have a whole notebook to build and of course, you can always include a work of art on the pages of the interior to make a surprise! You can choose the cover with a design made by you by clicking the image below. 

To the low profile dads

For the simpler here is a more discreet idea with flat colors, always maintaining the originality that characterizes the Noote brick notebook so well. For an unique father, an unique gift! With 416 bricks to ride, dads and kids will have guaranteed fun on Father's Day!
Have a lot of fun building a Noote with your father on this so special day!