"> 7 gift ideas for children this Easter

7 gift ideas for children this Easter

11 Apr 2017

 As Easter is almost here and every child longs for the gift from their godparents, we were wondering about what the perfect gift would be. This time of year is rich in images of eggs, birds and bunnies, bright colors, grass and delicous chocolates but we wanted to look further find something that is awesome anytime and not only on a specific month. Besides that, gifts given by someone special and which seem to have been created specially for us are the ones that last over the years. So despite how exciting chocolate can be, we have some suggestions that delight both children and young people as well and that are capable of surprising those with the highest expectations.

From games, patterns and characters, we were inspired by the latest and the timeless trends to come up with a list of 7 gift ideas that celebrate the joy and freshness of the Easter season. There are 7 Noote brick notebooks way different between them but with the common characteristic that will make you fall in love - and more important than all that will surprise your beloved ones. As Noote brick notebook was conceived to be designed and assembled by the owner, it is possible to build hundreds of different things with the same bricks in spite of the model bought. This is particularly useful as anyone can change the brick design on the cover according to their mood or event and even replace the paper recharge to a new one when the old one ends or just use the more suitable type of paper for every occasion.

Without further delay, let's take a look to the 7 Noote brick notebooks chosen as the ideal gifts for the youngsters.


7. Beauty and the Beast will always be a classic of what means not to judge a book by its cover - unless it is Noote ;)

 The enchanted rose of the Beauty and the Beast story is one of that icons that is simultaneously a reference to a movie and a simple flower. It never comes out-of-date and embodies the meaning that we must not judge someone by their appearance or by a first impression. It is a message and kindness that deserves to be kept! This notebook has the enchanted rose design on the front cover and Lumiére, the servant of the prince turned into a candelabra with the curse, on the back cover which can be edited on the online editor. Explore this Noote here.


6. Mickey & Minnie - loved by every generation

And how cannot love? These two can be funny, cute, classical and trendy at the same time. Walt Disney indeed created characters with a strong empathy with every generation and with Noote they can be even more lovely. Suitable for boys and girls this one is a secure option if you want them to love your gift. After all, they have been spreading their charm since 1928. Get the most famous mouses here.



5. Football pitch for football addicteds

Football can trigger the same brain region as religion, need we to say more? So we make sure that football lovers have their passion present in everything they write or draw. And for those who find life beyond football, there's a lot of other sports featured in Sports Collection.



4. Creeper being Creeper

Minecraft is well-known among the youngters and Creeper is its main star. Its creepy square shape has conquered the pixel hearts of fans worldwide and that's why we got him featured here.



3. The inseparable friends Snoopy & Woodstock

Snoopy & Woodstock have colored the imaginary of children all over the world since 1950 and now they are one more time in the public eye due to the recent Peanuts movie. You can add both designs to the front and back cover of the same notebook using the online editor. Get these two friends here.




2. Angry Birds for all ages

Let's be honest: Angry Birds are not only for children. In fact, there are a lot of adults that can actually be more angry than the birds if someone take them away the game. The good thing is: this game is pretty consensual between different generations and the funny look of the characters always put us in a good mood. Get Angry Birds brick design on Noote notebook here.


1. Harry Potter: the character among the characters

Last but not the least, this Harry Potter Noote brick notebook has been one of the best sellers due to the fans it gets from several scopes. The minimal representation of the wizard is at the same time very recognizable and low profile - something that a Harry Potter geek would appreciate. Harry Potter awaits you this Easter here.




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