"> Colorful experiences for Color Blind People to Enjoy!

Colorful experiences for Color Blind People to Enjoy!

11 May 2017

 Noote® Notebooks Partnership with Color Add®

Yes, that’s right, color blind people can enjoy colorful experiences! How is that? Through ColorADD® color identification system, which contributes to social integration and welfare, turning communication more efficient, responsible and inclusive, whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice.
Rubic for Color Blind people.
We know that color blindness is a limitation that affects 10% of the male population around the world - nearly 350 million people worldwide. However, here we are to tell you good news and to show you colorful experiences that color blind people can enjoy just like everybody else.UNO Game for color blind people
 The ColorADD® code is based on three graphic symbols representing the three primary colors. Through the acquired knowledge of the Additive Color Synthesis taught in the early scholar years, the symbols can be related to the entire color pallet graphically identified.
Colored Pencils - Viarco
Black and White appear to indicate dark and light tones. Symbols that refer to colors and work by the same addition logic become "a mental game" easy to memorize and to apply daily.
ColorAdd® Color for All.
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