"> The Awesome Lego Version of Iron Man Armor

The Awesome Lego Version of Iron Man Armor

18 May 2017

The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist reputation of Tony Stark is now a little bit hurt by the greatest fan of all times George Panteleon aka ZetoVince, after all, Stark has built many different versions of the Iron Man armour, but Panteleon is the first one to build a lego version, and we have to say, is incredibly awesome!

All right, Panteleon didnʼt build an entire Iron Man suit (yet), but he did assemble an impressive 1K2 scale bust replica with glowing eyes. Isnʼt it shiny? A revised and extended version of his previous Iron Man bust, the head is remote controlled and lights up using official LEGO Power Functions equipment. Made up of 1150 pieces, itʼs truly a masterpiece.
He was inspired by a reclining Iron Man figure made by the Arvo Brothers. That figure has an incredible amount of curves and articulation for something made from LEGO, and that set Panteleon on the path of designing an Iron Man suit based on the ones seen in films. He spent a couple of years figuring out the visor and face in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) and with that completed, it took him a couple more months to finish the helmet.

Youʼll notice that there arenʼt many LEGO studs visible on the helmet. Panteleon used the SNOT technique for the project – studs not on top. Iʼm not sure how much more difficult that makes the process, but it seems worth it since it minimizes the blocky look. The bust looks smooth and realistic.
In a very Stark-like move, Panteleon designed the helmet to break down into four sections. Clips and hinges attach each section together in such a way that the bust can be posed at different angles. Building the entire chest piece with a glowing arc reactor is next on his list. Because, of course.