"> Fun Facts about Stationery Addicts

Fun Facts about Stationery Addicts

15 May 2017

Come on, you can admit, you are in a safe place to talk about your stationery addiction, don't worry, we are in the same boat!  But is such a cool thing, for those who can not understand, we will tell them the most fun facts about stationery addicts. 

First of all, stationery addicts are the most organized people, they will take note of everything that they have to do in the daily tasks in their lives (school, work, college, personal projects, etc.)

They will indulge themselves in colorful and creative post-its everywhere, in their desks, in their fridges, in their computer's screen, sometimes even in the bathroom mirror, everything that will help them to feel safe and reminded of everything that they have to do in their routine. 

This way, we can say that the Stationery Addicts enjoys the great fun of having a little paper somewhere, helping their memories to be fresher. One day, you can give a try while studying and take note about the most important facts about what you are learning, you will realize that your memory will thank you for this amazing brain exercise that is writing and memorizing at the same time.

Another fun fact about stationery addicts is that they are able to free their soul in an amazing creative Birthday Card or in a Thank You Letter because writing in a paper is their way to express their most deep feelings. 

Every Stationery Addict has a little or big box full of all the greatest treasures that they found in their trips in the most crazy stationery stores that they had ever been before.  Do not be scared if you noticed that most of the cards, letters, envelopes, notebooks, post-its are incredibly brand new, never used before because they will maintain like that for a long time or even forever. 

The most awesome and cutest fun fact about a Stationery Addict is the emotional reason behind their addiction. It’s the promise a blank sheet of paper holds. The possibilities birthed from a blank book and a new pen are endless. Those pages could hold the genesis of a wildly popular, best-selling novel or a where an amazing illustration or design project can take place, just on those simple pages… Well, can you imagine the endless possibilities? 

We can end this article right here just to let you imagine your future with that blank notebook that you are dying to buy for weeks. At the end of the day, we are just a bunch of crazy stationery dreamers!