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What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality uses the user’s existing environment and overlays new 3D information on top of it when pointing Noote® AR app to a AR marker. Thanks to this technology you can see your next Nootebook in 3D and experience how it will look like on your desk or in your hand.

Noote® & Augmented Reality

Through Noote® Augmented Reality you will be able to preview in your existing environment every model of Noote® Collection, any nootebook available of other Collections and even your custom designs from the editor in real time.



Download Noote® App to your smartphone or tablet

Open Noote® App and go to Augmented Reality

Point your device’s camera to the Noote® A.R. marker
to the back of Noote® physical store packaging.

Then, A.R. will appear in your screen.

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