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About Noote®

About Noote

Enjoy your colorful experience.

More than a brick notebook, Noote® is a companion of experiences, through which you can reveal your most exciting moods. Noote® is a challenge to reinvent your story and who you are. It is about expression, emotion and communication. It is a single frame of you, not of the regular, normal, or the trivial.

Noote® is an opportunity to create, to explore diferent ways of communication, to express your beliefs, your tastes and your feelings. It is about standing out from the crowd and to feel free to be, to create, to inspire.

We challenge you to design one of the most unique notebooks. Because bricks and color are about creating what didn’t exhist till then, celebrating the diference and sharing it with your peers.


Color brick notebook.

Noote® is the first notebook with a cover entirely made of bricks. It is made up of three parts: the plastic cover, the paper recharge and the colored Noote bricks. At the stores you can get the 9 collectible models from Noote® Collection. Each model comes with the plastic cover, one of the three types of paper recharges (plain, ruled or dotted), and with bricks for the front cover. At our online store you can choose your design from the several themes we have in the collections, change it, or simply go straight to the editor to design your own notebook, whether you want it with one brick face or two. Download Noote® App to easily take a look at the new designs and to use the editor to create different designs. Thanks to our reinforced fit system you don’t have to worry about bricks falling of the cover when carried inside a bag or a backpack, they will not detach unless you want to. You can keep your design intact.