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About ColorAdd

Color Identification System

ColorADD® is a color identifcation system for colorblind, which contributes to social integration and welfare, turning communication more efficient, responsible and inclusive, whenever color is a factor of identifcation, orientation or choice.

Colorblindness is a limitation that afects 10% of the male population around the world - nearly 350 million people worldwide. This limitation, which is a hereditary condition transmitted by the X chromosome, creates to the colorblind major constraints in terms of social and professional integration.

The ColorADD® code is based on three graphic symbols representing the three primary colors. Through the acquired knowledge of the Additive Color Synthesis taught in the early scholar years, the symbols can be related to the entire color pallet graphically identifed. Black and White appear to indicate dark and light tones. Symbols that refer to colors and work by the same addition logic become "a mental game" easy to memorize and to apply daily. Visit ColorADD® official page to know more about colorblindness and about the project.


How does it work?

Noote® is an inclusive notebook and our aim is to provide the same colorful experience for all. That's why we partnered with ColorADD®. Every set of Noote® bricks comes with a ColorADD® matching card, which is like a color ruller with the correspondent symbols. When leaning this against the bricks you are able to easily identify the color your are playing with. Besides that, we even found a solution to the online editor: a ColorADD® tool that shows the matching symbol of each color according to the place where the picker is.
And now a colorful brick world begins.

Our Commitment with Social Responsability

At Noote® we are very committed with our role in society and we want to be part of a better change. As Noote® lives deep-rooted in color, and it is a factor of identifcation, orientation and choice, we thought that we should make this possible to everyone who wants to create their own notebook - even to colorblind. That’s how ColorADD® came about to us as the most clear solution. Our social aim is to educate about colorblindness, integrate these people and to encourage everyone to design, create and build their own identity through Noote®.